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Another pager recommendation

Another pager recommendation

In response to the letter from Stephen Wilson, M.D., who was requesting a program to generate alphanumeric messages, I am using Duckie-UP 2.04 for DOS, and it works great. The program is available from EVTEK Corporation (800-388-8499). I called them a couple of days ago and they are coming out with a new version just for the Palmtop. John R. Doylejd@hublabels.comFax card prevents use of Lotus 1-2-3 "hot key" I have owned my HP200LX, 2-MB now for about 8 months, which I use with an EXP 1414 ThinFax 8 Mb fax/modem/memory card. I've installed the Minifax software, which otherwise appears to work well.

However, the Minifax software picks [ALT-F2] as its "hot key" combination. When I'm in Lotus 1-2-3, this is the only key-combination which sets Lotus for "step" mode for debugging macro programs.

I have attempted to change the "hot key" combination by selecting (F3) (EDIT) in the Application Manager and choosing a new combination. This only adds a second "hot key" and (ALT-F2) still starts the Minifax program. I added : to the comment sections of both programs but without effect.

I have contacted both HP and EXP tech support lines but neither one could help. I was hoping that either you or one of my fellow subscribers might be able to help as it is very difficult to debug my programs without the "STEP" mode.

Wayne G. Hutchens

Atlanta, GA

[Try keeping the startup files for your fax/modem/memory card on the card itself (not on the C: drive of the Palmtop). Then, whenever you're not faxing or using the modem, remove the card and re-boot the Palmtop. The re-booting will cause the Palmtop to use its normal start-up files on the C: drive. You'll also lengthen the life of your Palmtop's batteries by removing the card when it's not in use, since the card will drain batteries quickly when left in the Palmtop Tom Gibson]

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