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Change the Date/time display

If you would prefer a different method of displaying the date and time at the top right corner of your screen, you have lots of options to choose from. The default format is "02/27/97 11:03 a.m." But maybe you'd like to have the seconds displayed also, so you can measure your pulse accurately, or time how long a telephone receptionist keeps you on hold. If so, press (MENU) Options Date/Time from the SETUP screen.

Then press (TAB) three times (or press (ALT)-(M)) until you're in the "Time Format" box, then use the (UpArrow) or (DownArrow) keys until you've highlighted "HH:MM:SS AM/PM." Now press (ENTER), and you'll see the date and time displayed as "02/27/97 11:03:04 am."

There are 10 possible time formats to choose from, including eight different variations of "military time." One example: if you choose the "HH:MM" format, then at three minutes after two in the afternoon, the time will be displayed as "14:03."

Of the 11 possible date formats, you might try using "14-AUG-97," "08/14/97," or "97-08-14."

In Setup, you can choose from 21 different date and time formats.

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