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Publisher's Message

This issue concludes our series of articles on the new HP 300LX/320LX palmtop PC. Technical Editor, Tom Gibson, gives a detailed summary of his hands-on, first impressions of the HP 320LX palmtop PC. As you will see, there is a lot to like, although in many ways the HP 100LX and 200LX are more capable machines. Among the strengths of the HP 320LX are a large screen, bigger keyboard, connectivity with Windows 95, backlighting, two PC card slots, and similar look and feel to Windows 95. Advantages of the HP 200LX include stronger built-in applications, the ability to run thousands of pieces of DOS software, a much deeper knowledge-base, and a smaller footprint.

From our side, The HP Palmtop Paper will continue to serve you, the HP 100LX/200LX user, as long as we continue to get new subscriptions and renewals. We anticipate publishing at least through 1998. (In order to control costs with a smaller subscription base, we have decided to make this year the last year we send out Subscriber PowerDisks, PC Card Review, and Best Tips to ongoing subscribers. We hope this won't be too inconvenient, since much of the material is repetitious or available on our Web site). Our new sister publication, Handheld PC Magazine, will support all handheld devices with Windows CE, including the HP 300LX/320LX palmtop PCs.

The rest of the May/June issue is filled with fun and useful articles, new product announcements, and the usual assortment of Tips and Wisdom. Our profiles are interesting, with lots of useful ideas. A large animal veterinarian makes one wonder why all mobile professionals don't own palmtops. A mechanical engineer has created a great Web site for palmtop users, and describes how he's made new friends from all parts of the globe because of his palmtop. David Shier lucidly explains how different kinds of batteries work on the palmtop.

Finally, I challenge you to see how open and non-judgmental your mind really is. In my user to user column I go into quite a bit of detail describing how built-in Database, 1-2-3, and Appointment Book can be used to learn a new language or discipline. The example I use will raise a few eyebrows--learning the tarot. I discuss how the palmtop can be used as an "oracle device" to help determine your future and develop your creative intuition. In any case, you will see how powerful a tool the HP Palmtop can be for learning something new.

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