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by Carol de Giere

Staying Organized on a Project-Basis

On top of your already busy schedule, suddenly you have been honored with a major new responsibility heading up the fundraising campaign for a local charity. With multiple phone calls, schedules, and notes to take, you'll need a way of keeping the project integrated.

On the Palmtop First you could create a catch-all master storage spot in Phone Book, such as a record named "FUNDRAISER," where you will stick any assorted notes you make on the run, as well as lists of other files to check.

Next, take advantage of the category field in all palmtop database programs. In Phone Book, NoteTaker, and Database, you can label anything related to your fundraiser project by the same category code, such as "FUND," and then use subsets to display only Fundraiser-related items.

However Appointment Book and Memo don't have category fields. A short code word could be used, nonetheless. If you shorten "FUND" to a 3 letter code "FUN," you'll have a good cross-application code to use to keep coherence in your records system. (This play on meanings might also help you enjoy the project more.) Here's how it would work in Memo.

If you need multiple Memo documents (such as letters or meeting agendas), you can save them with the three letter extension FUN. They can be retrieved by pressing (MENU), (File), (Open), *.FUN.

In Appointment Book, when you record appointments or ToDo's, begin them with your chosen code. Enter "FUN make phone calls to entertainers," "FUN schedule luncheon with the board," etc. When you need to find the next FUN item, simply press (F4) (Find), enter FUN, and press (F10) (OK). Your next FUN thing to do will show up on your screen.

An alternative to this approach is to use Flexpad software = to integrate phone records, schedules, and notes in one file. Flexpad is a text editor with indexing and label features. You can assign category labels to blocks of texts in order to retrieve them through a category search. (See Sept/Oct 1996 issue, p. 24 for a review of Flexpad.) .

If you enjoy the success of your project and find that similar responsibilities are coming your way, it may be time to investigate commercial project management software.

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