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Commercial Products, Freeware, and Shareware mentioned in this article

Commercial Products, Freeware, and Shareware mentioned in this article

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Databook Card Drive Databook internal and external drives are now manufactured by Karby Corp. and have various prices. Karby Corp., 10 Alder Bush, Rochester, NY 14624, USA; Phone: 716-889-4204; Fax: 716-889-2593; E-mail: karby@vivanet.com; Web: http://www.karby.com. Or available from Envoy Data, Essex Portable, PalmTree Products, and All Pioneer Standard Electronics Sales Offices.

DVM Manager (veterinary software) DVM Manager, 200 Frankfort Street, Versailles, KY 40383, USA; Phone: 1-800-827-2243.

E-Texts: The Harvester; The Island of Dr. Moreau part of the Gutenberg Project collection of public domain literature in electronic form. Available on the 1997 HP Palmtop Paper CD InfoBase.

Holster Pocket Liberator from Opus 63. Phone: 718-706-6787; Fax: 718-706-7034; Web: http://www.opus63.com

Kodak Diconix printer Discontinued by manufacturer.

Playlx See: MUSIC-LX.EXE on the 1997 HP Palmtop Paper CD InfoBase, which contains PLAYLX and a collection of music files that let you play music. Tunes run the gamut from the Star Wars theme to Bach and Chopin. Works on the HP 95LX as well as 100/200. Freeware. (See also PlayEX, a similar program which enhances the alarm function of the System Manager to play music. Freeware. Available on the Jan/Feb 1997 HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK. and Web: http://www.thaddeus.com)

Sparcom cradle, (a docking station called SmartDock) $99.95. Contact: da Vinci Technology Group, Inc., USA; Phone: 541-757-8416; Fax: 541-753-7821; Web: http://www.sparcom.com

Vertical Reader (VR 100) Software for reading text vertically on the palmtop screen. Shareware. Available on Best Tips 1997 HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK and CompuServe HPHAND Forum, Library 11.

WyndMail For wireless communications. Wynd Communications, USA; Phone: 800-549-2600; Fax: 800-549-6001.

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