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Synchronicity: How Oracles Work

Synchronicity: How Oracles Work

Oracle systems such as tarot, astrology, I-Ching, and numerology are based on the premise of "synchronicity." The idea behind synchronicity is that each microcosm in the universe contains the macrocosm. That is, there are fundamental principles and patterns that repeat themselves everywhere in creation within my cells, within my personality, and in the planets. Like a hologram, the entire universe can be found at every point in creation. Therefore, the imprint of the heavens at birth or the layout of the tarot cards or the I-Ching patterns contain within them clues to understand our questions about past, present, and future, if we know how to interpret them.

Dr. James Wanless in "Voyager Tarot(TM), Way of the Great Oracle," defines synchronicity as, "the great law that all events are related in time and space even though there may seem to be no tangible cause-and-effect relationship. The card you select, therefore, is the right' card for you at that time in spite of the seeming randomness of your choice. There are no accidents. With this knowledge, we gain trust in the universe and the invisible ways that it works." (For more information also see by Dr. Wanless, "Strategic Intuition in the 21st Century - Tarot for Business" and his Voyager Tarot(TM) deck.)

A religious person could apply the principle of synchronicity by poising a personal question, and then opening his or her scriptural text to a random verse. After reading the verse, the person thinks on how that verse helps answer the question. In this way oracles are used to expand our free will by giving us more information to accomplish our goals. For example, if Astrology tells us that we are about to enter a "Mars accident period" we put a little more attention on our driving. If we pick up the tarot card that symbolizes inner wisdom, we might decide that a detached, active listening approach would be the most effective style dealing with an important client. In other words, using this principle of synchronicity we can use oracles as guideposts, as warnings, or confidence-builders.

Oracle Software

Divination Programs from R.K. West

By the Numbers = (NUMBERS.ZIP) Using numerological techniques formulated by the ancient Pythagoreans, this program analyzes your name and birthday for their symbolic meaning and "metaphysical vibrations." It considers name changes, analyzes ten personality elements, makes a forecast, and saves readings for future reference. Three-page reports can be printed. Pricing: $29

Fortune Teller Plus = (FORTUN.ZIP) Select from eleven fortune telling techniques within this program: 3 playing-card methods, dice, 2 kinds of numerology, geomancy, auras, runes, Astro-mates and "Instant Oracle," plus an ESP test. Fortunes can be printed and used for gifts or for parties. If you want to store just one such program on the Palmtop, this is probably it. Pricing: $29

Personal Tarot = This program automates shuffling and dealing of Tarot cards, builds a ten-card layout, and displays card descriptions and meanings. (This is not a graphics program; card pictures are not portrayed on the screen.) The program has three layout types. Users can edit the interpretations to conform to their favorite Tarot deck or add their own comments. Readings can be saved to disk. Pricing: $29

Wynter Stone's I-Ching The traditional Chinese fortune-telling based on the I-Ching (Book of Changes) involves coin tosses or the drawing of yarrow sticks. This program offers computerized coins or yarrow stick descriptions so that the necessary pattern of six lines forming a hexagram can be selected. The documentation comments, "The "yin and yang" philosophy of the I-Ching is ideally suited to the "yes and no" or "0 and 1" mentality of the computer." After the hexagram is derived, text from the I-Ching is available for interpretation. This text can be edited and printed or saved to disk. The software is menu driven. Pricing: $19

CONTACT: R.K. West Consulting, P.O. Box 8059, Mission Hills, CA 91346, USA; (Use this address for further information or for ordering by check or money order.); For credit card orders only contact Public Software Library, P.O. Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235, USA; Phone: 800-242-4775 or 713-524-6394; Fax: 713-524-6398. Internet address for R.K. West: http://members.aol.com/rkwest/ or ftp://ftp.asp-shareware.org/pub/asp/programs. CompuServe: Go RKWEST, section 9.

Numerology Programs from Widening Horizons

Personal Numerologist Personal Numerologist makes use of full name and birth date to create descriptions of an individual's character. The analysis is based on Pythagorean numerology, and reports on the following: life path, talents, soul urge, important numbers, karmic debts and lessons, strengths and weaknesses, and other areas. Pricing: $69.95

Intimacy: Understand Your Romantic Relationships (Based on Numerology) If you enter name and birth date in this program, it will report on your adaptability, sociability, sensitivity to your own and others' feelings, ability to give love and affection, physical compatibility, ability to earn a living, and mutual ambitions. The text of the reports was written by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology: The Complete Guide. Pricing: $69.95

CONTACT: Widening Horizons, Inc., 21713 NE 141st Street, Woodinville, WA 98072, USA; Phone: 206-869-9810; Fax: 206-869-1821.


Haydn's Jyotish The author, Haydn Huntley, uses an HP Palmtop. His excellent Vedic astrology program, based on the Sidereal calendar with either a Northern or Southern Indian display, has a host of features and options. The latest version 1.61 supports transits where the current state of the heavens can be superimposed over a given chart. Pricing: $95. A demo version is available for $10. CONTACT: Haydn Huntley, PO Box 1161, Fairfield, IA 52556, 515-472-7025, huntley@mymenus.com.

Microcyles Mircocycles, Inc, distributes a large variety of astrological software including programs written for DOS. CONTACT: Microcycles, Inc, PO Box 3175, Culver City, CA 90231, USA; Phone: 800-829-2537 or 310-202-8337; fax: 310-202-6365,

Astrology freeware/shareware

Horary.zip =and Ast30.exe are two shareware Western astrology programs that both display wheel charts on the palmtop screen. Ast30.zip (419k zipped) is three times larger, has more features and computations although some of the graphic options won't display on the palmtop's CGA screen. Rassi.zip = is freeware and computes the Vedic Siderial values. SKYLOT.ZIP = is a spreadsheet that computes the positions of all the planets and Jupiter Moons at a given instant. No interpretation is provided in these programs.

Other New Age Software

Universal Software, is a shareware distributor specializing in New Age-type software. CONTACT: Universal Software, PO Box 3683, Lakewood, CA, 90711-3683 USA; Phone: 310-866-1274.

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