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As a long time user of the HP200LX, I am very interested in keeping it alive as a platform for as long as possible. I've had a chance in my job to use all of the new Windows CE units, the Apple Newton MP2000, and pretty well everything else that fits in your palm and has a PCMCIA slot.

They're all pretty cool at first, but I still end up back with my 200LX. And now that I've just had my unit speed and memory (6MB) upgraded by Times2Tech, I think I've extended its life even more.

The reason that I get to play with all this neat technology is that I've developed a PCMCIA form factor VGA card that draws sufficiently low power that it can run from most palmtops. We currently have software for screen copy and full color GIF playback for both WinCE and Newton platforms.

The implication of these applications is that you can now either duplicate your internal screen to a VGA monitor or projection device, or you can use your 200LX to make presentations, eliminating the final reason to carry a notebook computer on the road. EZShow Systems introduced these products at COMDEX in Atlanta at the beginning of June to an overwhelmingly positive response.

It occurred to me that if there was sufficient interest in the HP 200LX community, it may be possible to develop similar applications for this platform. The reason I just don't go ahead and do it (other than the limit of 24 hours in a day), is that the DOS platform really does not lend itself to slipping in a new video card. In other words, it will actually take some work!

However, if there is a reasonable volume of interest, then I think I could convince the best minds to apply themselves to this problem and we'll keep the 200LX platform right up there with the newcomers.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me at:

Rick Kozak

EZShow Systems, Inc.


Voice: 604-299-2033

Fax: 604-299-5118

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