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Use Crazy Glue and paper to repair broken latch

The latch on my HP 100LX broke about 18 months ago and as I live in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, sending it out for a seven day trip to replace the latch was out of the question. Since that time I have tried stuffing folded paper, rubber bands, cardboard, paper and rubber bands, etc. Every solution worked to some degree. A week ago another piece of the latch broke, (how? I don't know, I just noticed one day that the latch was about to fall). At this point the latch was not working at all.

Today while fixing my child's toy with Crazy Glue an idea came to me. Here is what I did, and so far it is working great, and the latch feels firm like when it was new.

I cut a small piece of paper 2.9 by 2.3 cm. I then folded the paper in half and then in half again, now measuring about 2.9 by 0.6 cm. Then I cut a length of rubber band about 2.7 cm in length, inserted this into the opening in the folded paper, and Crazy Glued it on two sides, very close to the opening. I then removed the latch and Crazy Glued the folded paper inside the latch compartment, rubber-band-side closest to the screen. I then put Crazy Glue on the latch and pushed it in place.

On my first attempt I did not push the latch all the way up into position, and as a result the unit did not close completely. So be sure to put everything in place with no glue first, so once you put the glue on you can get everything in place fast, before the glue dries.

Joe Matz


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