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Running the diagnostics self test

[WARNING: The following tip refers to a procedure that can destroy data and possibly harm flash cards. Do NOT try to perform this procedure before you read and understand the cautionary notes listed below.]

The HP 95LX, HP 100LX and HP 200 LX all contain a set of built-in diagnostic tests, collectively called the "self test."

With these tests you can check the condition of your palmtop's display, keyboard, serial port, batteries, RAM, ROM, IR port, timers, and any plugged-in RAM card.

CAUTION #1: Before you run the self test, save data in any applications you have open, since the self test performs a system reset.

CAUTION #2: Do NOT run either the "Plug-in RAM card" test, or the "Test all" option if you have a Flash card in your palmtop. The plug-in test can destroy all the data on a Flash card, and possibly harm the card itself. It's all right to perform the plug-in test if you have an SRAM card inserted in your palmtop.

To get to the diagnostics screen, press the (OFF) key to shut off the unit. Next, while holding down the (ESC) key, press and release the (ON) key, then release the (ESC) key. The diagnostics screen will appear, containing instructions. (One instruction that's not there: if you want to terminate a test, press the (BACKSPACE) key.)

As each test is run, result messages will appear on the screen, such as "OK," "Bad," "No Card," (if you don't have a card inserted in the card slot) or "No loop," (if you don't have a loop-back tester connected to the serial port).

During the tests, don't press any keys.

Ralph C. Turner

Managing Editor, HP Palmtop Paper


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