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New programs from the S.U.P.E.R Internet site

One of the best Internet sites out there today for the HP palmtop is S.U.P.E.R. (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository).

The page is hosted by Mitchell Hamm and the other members of the S.U.P.E.R. team: Toshiki Sasabe (Japan), Jorgen Wallgren (Singapore), Peter Watkins (Washington D.C., USA), and Rattipat Aramwatana-pong (Thailand) who is known as Fong.

Just as the name says, this page is SUPER for palmtop users. Different pages on the site allow you to view different groups of software. The place I go first is the new additions page (at http:// www.palmtop.net/supernew.html).

This is where I see what new programs have come to the site within the last 10-14 days. There is also a page where you can view the top 20 downloads; this page gives me an idea of what programs are being used the most.

And then there is the sites main page, which as of today contained over 200 pieces of software that work on, or with, the HP palmtops.

Some of the software available on the site includes:

PALRUN (12 K) Version 1.01 by Harry Konstas. .

PALRUN is a freeware application that allows PAL applications to be run on any IBM compatible computer.

Usually, a PAL application is a program that is designed to run only on the HP100/200LX series of palmtops. The reason that PAL applications wont run directly on regular desktop computers is that HP palmtops use a special graphics mode which is not available on other computers. PALRUN operates easily; simply type PALRUN followed by the name of your PAL application.

LXMAP (21 K) Version 2.0 by Stefan Peichl.

LXMAP is a copyrighted freeware city map viewer that uses LXPIC as its display engine (Screen 1). After scanning a map, you load it into LXMAP. The program will show you where on the map the street is located. Very fast and helpful. The number of cities for which maps are available is increasing all the time at {hyperlink http://www.palmtop.net/lxmap.html |www.palmtop.net/lxmap.html}.

LXMAP displaying a map of Berlin, in German. Maps of other cities are in English (or other languages). You can choose which area of the full-sized map you want enlarged for display.

Newton Keyboard Driver (22 K) Version 0.4 by K. Adachi.

Newton Keyboard Driver is a copyrighted freeware TSR that will allow you to use an Apple Newton keyboard (P/N X0035LL/A) with the 100/200LX (see Screen 2.). One of the things that has been on a lot of wish lists is the ability to use a full-sized keyboard on the HP Palmtop, and this seems to answer that prayer. This project requires fabrication of a custom cable to connect the Newton keyboard to the serial port of the Palmtop. The documentation file contains instructions on how to make the custom cable, along with the hardware that is needed.

Here is a picture of the HP 200LX connected to the Newton keyboard.

TYME (50 K) Version 1.0 by Dennis Bell. TYME is a shareware billing management system for use by professional consultants who track their time in small increments spread over many clients or cases.

TAPEMAKER n (61 K) Version 1.5a by Robert Alexander.

TAPEMAKER is a unique shareware program that helps you choose songs to record on a cassette tape.

Many other tape programs are little more than glorified typewriters: you type in the song titles and the program prints out a piece of paper with song titles on it.

Tape Maker's approach is that if you're going to do all that typing, you should get some extra benefit from it. TapeMaker lets you know how many songs can fit on the cassette, finds the best order to record them in (so that you have the minimum amount of blank tape left) and acts as a database for your album collection.

Finger Paint (137 K) Version 4.00 by Poisson Technology.

Finger Paint is a very nice shareware paintbrush application for the palmtop. The program also allows you to load other graphics files, such as scanned images (Screen 3).

Finger Paint, running on the palmtop, displaying a scanned graphics file.

Thesaur Plus (224 K) Version 2.2 by Derrick Burgess

Thesaur Plus is a shareware TSR thesaurus with over 10,000 main words and 50,000 synonyms. This pop-up thesaurus can be very handy when you are writing and cant seem to remember the right word.

With Thesaur Plus on your palmtop, writing may be easier.

Easy Project (167 K) Version 4.02 by Parcell Software.

Easy Project is a shareware DOS-based project manager that runs on the HP 100/200LX. The program provides assistance to anyone who manages projects.

Easy Project encourages the manager to define a project into a series of phases and tasks. It facilitates the planning, scheduling and tracking of all types of projects.

The manager plans the activities or tasks in a top/down outline fashion. The Gantt chart (a project management tool) displays the project graphically by using time bars which span the time period of each task. The extensive reporting module helps document the status of the project.

Lotus 1-2-3 Commands (5 K) Version 1.0 by Stuart Pollack.

This is a handy text reference of Lotus 1-2-3 commands written by an expert. It adds additional information to the online help in Lotus. This is a nice addition to all of us Lotus 1-2-3 users who want to get the most out of our spreadsheets. Freeware.

LXPic (32 K) Version 4.2 by Stefan Peichl.

LXPic is copyrighted freeware and is the fastest GIF/ICN/PCX /JPG/BMP viewer for 100/200 LXs. LXPic is celebrating its one-year anniversary. It needs only 11K of disk space and 64K of RAM to decode and view any size picture.

The program includes a small converter for Casio QV-10 CAM files. Version 4.2 has been modified to work with the new LXMAP city viewer (see previous page). This is an absolutely essential piece of software to add to your road warrior arsenal.

This is just a small sampling of the wealth of programs available on the S.U.P.E.R. site, and it is only through the unending perseverance of the S.U.P.E.R. members that this site is what it is: one of the most valuable resources for HP Palmtop users.

Tom Gibson,

Technical Editor The HP Palmtop Paper


iPhone Life magazine

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