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Remembering those special characters

Have you ever wanted to insert into a MEMO document (or into a Note) one of the palmtops special characters, but you couldn't remember which key sequence to press?

Frank Louwers (72361 .2161@compuserve.com) has a tip that solves this problem. But first, some background.

If you look up special characters in your Users Guide, you'll be directed to the 850 Multilingual character set table. This table contains a list of all the characters available from within the palmtops built-in applications, along with a 3-digit number for each character.

For example, the table shows that the letter e with an umlaut over it is associated with the number 137. To insert this character into a MEMO document, hold down the (ALT) key and the (MENU) key simultaneously, then type 137 When you let up the keys, the umlaut-e character will appear (see Screen 5).

Few of us carry our Users Guide around with us, however, which leads to Franks tip. He made a small MEMO file containing a list of those special characters that he uses, along with the characters 3-digit numbers. You can make your own MEMO file containing a list of those special characters that you want to use.

Frank also pasted the contents of his file into an ApptBook ToDo. The ToDo item has its Carry Forward field checked (so it will be available every day), and its Priority field set to a high number (so it will be at the bottom of a days list of ToDo items).

If he is typing a document in MEMO, he can keep the ApptBook open to the ToDo list, and switch back and forth whenever he cant remember a key sequence. Alternatively, if he's composing a note in NoteTaker, Database or ApptBook, he can keep his MEMO file open and switch back and forth between those two applications. Its easier and quicker to switch between two applications that it is between two different MEMO files.

There's an easy way to remember how to access this, and other, special characters.

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