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The HP Palmtop Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 Nov/Dec 1997

The HP Palmtop Paper

Volume 6, Issue 6 Nov/Dec 1997

Table of Contents

From The Editor


New Products!

This section lists new products of interest to users of the HP palmtop PCs. New Products includes descriptions of hardware, software, books, videos, training and service offerings. Prices listed in this section are suggested retail. You may be able to get the products for less if you shop around.

HP Palmtop User Groups

Those interested in participating in an HP Palmtop users group should contact the following individuals. Send us contact information formatted as below if you wish to be added as a contact for a users group in your area. Some of the individuals listed offer Palmtop advice but may not be organizing an official users group.

HP announces 360LX and 620LX Palmtop PC

Hewlett-Packard has announced the release of its new 360LX Palmtop PC running Windows CE 2.0. An upgrade program is available for HP 320LX users. The new 620LX, to be released next year, will sport a high-resolution color display and built-in voice recorder.

The Windows CE 2.0 Operating System

Special Software and Hardware News

Hal discusses HP's Windows versions of palmtop PIMs; connecting the Newton keyboard to the palmtop; 8Mg double-speed palmtops; and Thaddeus Computing's purchase of used palmtops.

Mack Baggette: Designer of Speed & Memory Upgrades for HP Palmtops

The president of Times2 Tech is interviewed about doubling the palmtop's speed and increasing its memory to 8Megs; palmtop repairs; and more.

Using the Newton Keyboard with the HP 100/200LX palmtop

At last, a keyboard you can touch type on.

Through the Looking Glass: The 1997-98 Subscriber PowerDisk

Ed picks the "best of the best" free software from The HP Palmtop Paper 1997-98 Subscriber PowerDisk.

Using the HP LX and DBLearn as a Learning Tool

This program asks for words chosen at random from the contents of any HP 100/200LX database, such as a vocabulary or foreign language database.

Automobile Mechanic Uses HP 100LX in His Business

Southern California-based Honda Bob" has tailored his palmtop's applications to his unique business.

Get Me To The Church, Train or Plane on Time

This Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet can help you avoid last minute rushing to make a plane flight (or help you get anywhere else you need to be). It easily accommodates various chores and tasks that need to be accomplished prior to showing up at the ticket counter.

The Palmtop Adventures of a Publican from Dublin

From CP/M to the HP 95LX to the OmniGo700, this pub owner from Ireland recounts the best of his computer adventures.

How It All Began

If you ask a number of HP LX users how they got started using their palmtops, you'll get some interesting answers.

Basic Tips

Quick Tips

iPhone Life magazine

Notice about Palmtop.net
The Palmtop Network with its S.U.P.E.R. (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository) software is now available under the domain name of hp200lx.net.  

We Buy
We buy used palmtops, working or broken: HP 200LX, HP 100LX and 1000CX.

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