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From The Editor

Although I've been an editor at The HP Palmtop Paper for a year, I stepped into the position of Managing Editor six months ago, and Hal Goldstein, publisher of The Paper, thought it was time I introduced myself.

Back in 1986 when I wanted to buy my first computer, I spurned expensive IBMs and Macs for a low-priced Atari ST. I got addicted to computing, and when I left my job as managing editor of a real estate magazine, I wrote and self-published three books about the Atari ST. My most recently published book, which is on a completely different subject, is titled, "Country Property Dirt Cheap: How I Found My Piece of Inexpensive Rural Land... Plus My Adventures With a $300 Junk/Antique Tractor."

When Hal suggested I come to work at Thaddeus Computing, I had misgivings about switching my attention from the Macintosh-like Atari ST (and my DOS computers) to the HP palmtop. "There's no way," I said to myself, "that I'll get excited about this dinky little toy." It turned out I was wrong: I did get excited about the palmtop. In fact, I now rely on my 200LX in ways that I never imagined I would, and I'm continuing to find exciting new uses for it.

The big news this month is HP's announcement of the new 620LX Windows CE palmtop. The release of this palmtop, with its color display and built-in voice recorder, is bound to attract attention. Also noteworthy are the releases of the new 360LX Palmtop PC and version 2.0 of the Windows CE operating system. However, as you can see from the letters to the editor, a lot of us still prefer our 100LXs and 200LXs.

Hal's discussion of how to run HP palmtop PIM software on a desktop computer should be of interest to anyone who has both a palmtop and a PC. In the Reviews section, Carl Merkle describes what it's like to use the Newton keyboard with the palmtop. This keyboard, which allows you to easily touch type, can dramatically increase the usefulness of your palmtop.

Let me close by inviting any of you to contact me if you'd like to write an article or submit a tip. And, of course, your letters are always welcome. (I can be reached by e-mail at ralph_turner@thaddeus.com. For mailing and telephone information, see page 46.)

It has been enjoyable getting to know those of you who have already communicated with me. HP palmtop users constitute sort of a club, and I'm glad to be a member.

iPhone Life magazine

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