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File Transfer Speeds

File Transfer Speeds

An article on a parallel-port card in the September/October issue of The Palmtop Paper's PC Card Review supplement ("The Trans PC Card" by Ralph Turner, p.24) stated:

"Because the file transfer is over a parallel cable, it is very fast: 30Kb per second, which is about 60 times faster than other connectivity methods which use a serial cable."

This is simply untrue. "60 times" slower than 30 Kilobytes/sec would be just 0.5 K/sec, but that is not the best performance of file transfer using the serial port on the LX. Not every such program performs optimally; HP's Connectivity Pack, for example, is rather slow. But serial file transfer on any such XT-class PC can reach speeds of as much as 8 K/sec, as anyone can easily confirm by using a program that is properly optimized for speed, such as LapLink (in serial mode) or my own ZIP File Transfer (ZIP.COM).

Of course, the Trans PC Card has other functionality as well. But simply comparing file transfer or backup performance, their card's 30 K/sec is only about 4 times faster than the best performing serial utilities on the LX - not 60 times

Eric Meyer


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