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HP announces 360LX and 620LX Palmtop PC

HP announces 360LX and 620LX Palmtop PC

Hewlett-Packard has announced the release of its new 360LX Palmtop PC running Windows CE 2.0. An upgrade program is available for HP 320LX users. The new 620LX, to be released next year, will sport a high-resolution color display and built-in voice recorder.

By Rich Hall

 HP 620LX

 Prior to the November COMDEX this year, Microsoft announced the release of its new Windows CE 2.0 operating system. All H/PC manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, responded with the release of new handheld PCs.

Hewlett-Packard's new 360LX and 620LX come with the Windows CE 2.0 operating system, all of its improvements and suite of Pocket applications (see "HP 360LX & 620LX" sidebar, page 6). Both H/PCs feature direct-print capability, a well-spaced QWERTY keyboard, easy-to-read TrueType fonts, serial port, infrared ports, and a CompactFlash Card slot. Both are powered by rechargeable batteries.

 The HP 360LX - comes with a 60 MHz CPU, 8 Mb RAM. The 360LX features a large 640x240 monochrome screen with "natural-white" backlighting. The 360LX is powered by two AA rechargeable NiMH batteries. Accessories included with the 360LX package: User Guides; Two AA NiMH batteries; One CR-2032 coin cell backup battery; CD ROM with free software.

 The HP 620 LX - comes with a 640x240-pixel 256 color screen with natural white backlight. The 620LX has a 75 MHz CPU and 16 Mb of RAM. In addition to the ports mentioned above, the 620LX has a built in microphone and audio speaker which supports its Voice Recorder.

The 620LX comes standard with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack and an AC adapter. Accessories included with 620LX package: Lithium-Ion battery pack; one CR-2032 coin cell backup battery; two CD ROMs with free software; Synch cable; Docking Cradle; AC Adapter.

 Software built into 360LX/620LX

 Both units come with Windows CE 2.0, its accessories and "Pocket" applications (see Windows CE 2.0 review, page 6). In addition, the new HP palmtop PCs have the following software built into ROM: bFAX Pro lets you send and receive faxes; bFIND is a global search utility; Financial applications software (full versions available when you register your Palmtop PC); Remote Networking; (to PPP access servers); Terminal Application (TTY, VT-100).

Additional software on CD ROM

 H/PC Explorer version 2.0: desktop PC software for connecting HP palmtop PC to PC); Translation software: for converting HP 100/200LX & OmniGo 100/120 appointment/ phone books to H/PC formats; Trial software from independent software vendors, including: Mail on the Run!; Pocket On-Schedule; Ardis wireless solutions bundle; Wyndmail/CE and more.

 Windows CE 2.0 Upgrades

 Hewlett-Packard Company will provide a ROM upgrade program for the latest Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 for the handheld PC operating system for the HP 320LX palmtop PC. (The upgrade is not available for the HP 300LX) The new upgrade is available free to customers who purchase the HP 320LX beginning Sept. 2, 1997. The HP 320LX ROM upgrade can be installed easily by the user, and unlike other Windows CE handheld devices, does not require the sacrifice of a memory slot or the use of special tools or outside support.

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