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Scheduling an Event

Most of the appointments we enter into our palmtops are associated with a specific "start time." However, in some situations we may want to be reminded to do something on a particular day, but not at a particular time.

In such situations, the ApptBook's "Event" function is just what we need. (An event is an ApptBook item that's associated with a particular day, but not a particular time. When you create an event, the "start time" and "end time" fields automatically have the word "NONE" in them.)

Here's an example. I used to attend a church that held its annual church fair on the last Saturday in June. If I wanted my palmtop to remind me of the fair, here are the keys that I'd press:

Use the ApptBook's "Yearly Repeat Option" to remind yourself of a yearly event, such as a church fair that regularly starts on the last Saturday in June.

  1. 1. (APPT)
  2. 2. (MENU) Add Event
  3. Church fair starts
  4. [This fills in the description field.]
  5. 3. (ALT)+(C)
  6. St. Steven's
  7. [This fills in the location field.]
  8. 4. (F8) (Y)
  9. [This selects the yearly repeat option.]
  10. 5. (ALT)+(P)
  11. [This moves to the Repeat By Day Position field.]
  12. 6. (TAB) (L)
  13. [This selects Last.]
  14. 7. (TAB) (S)
  15. [This selects Saturday.]
  16. 8. (TAB) (J) (J)
  17. [This selects June. See Screen 3.]
  18. 9. (F10) (F10)
  19. [This saves the record.]
From now on, the church fair will appear each year on my appointment list as an event.

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