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Enjoys CE coverage

Enjoys CE coverage

I enjoy the Palmtop Paper a lot. Reading it helped me decide that an 200LX would meet my needs better than a laptop. However, I have several customers who depend on their WinCE HPCs, so the information and comparisons in the PTP are important. Several HP 320LXs were purchased as a result of the articles published in the PTP.

I don't like the WinCE HPCs myself but I try hard to remember that many computer users view their computer only as something that must be endured! These end-users want SIMPLE, and WinCE appears to be just that to them (just mentioning DOS can cause a panic).

By the way, I probably wouldn't have found out about the HPLX mailing list had I not subscribed to the PTP.

I don't normally write letters like this but felt a encouraging note from someone who has made a living supporting computer users for over 25 years might be of some encouragement or assistance.

Dwight Cramer

iPhone Life magazine

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