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Mack Baggette, manufacturer of speed and 8-MG memory upgrades, now carries a special nickel metal hydride rechargeable (1,350 MaH) battery for the palmtop. He reportedly gets about 4-6 weeks of use on a single charge (with light use of his palmtop, which has a 40MB Sundisk card always in the slot). Initial charging takes about 16 hours; after that, you can top the batteries off as often as you like. Mack suggests using the ABC/LX charging software with these batteries.

Price: $12 per pair.

Times2Tech, 105 Maple St., Maylene, AL 35114 USA; Phone: 800-239-2032, or 205-620-1408; e-mail: mack@ times2tech.com; Web: www.times 2tech.com

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