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This Is A Hoax!

This Is A Hoax!

The following press release was sent to our editors by e-mail. If it were only true. (It isn't.)

PALIO ALTERNATE, Calif.( BUSINESS WIRE), April 1st, 1997: Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced the HP 260LX Palmtop PC with Microsoft DOS 6.2, expanding to its award-winning family of DOS Palmtop PCs.

 HP leads the palmtop PC market by concentrating on key customer needs, such as screen size, quality, total cost of ownership, and a variety of operating systems. The HP 260LX offers such breakthrough features as a full-width, 16-greyscale, high-contrast screen with natural white backlight. In late 1997, HP expects to further enhance its palmtop PC line with the HP 260LXC, a color-display model.

"HP is a recognized leader in the palmtop PC category, having now turned from Windows CE to deliver a full-width, 640- x 240-pixel screen to the DOS market, said Dennis Hermann, worldwide marketing manager of HPs Asia Pacific PC Division. By advancing the role of the DOS palmtop and offering a new color model, HP substantially advances its leadership position in the handheld industry.

 The HP 260LX Palmtop PC Breaks Ground

Based on the DOS 6.2 operating system, the HP 260LX offers corporate customers significant advantages in mobile computing, including easy PC synchronization and compatibility with familiar 3rd party business applications.

HP will now need to deliver new software to manage the HP 260LX palmtop PC as a component in the business, scientific or educational environment. The ability to support fully mature software will lower a corporations total cost of ownership of computing products, while giving network administrators a simple, standardized means of managing the computing assets. Other advantages of the HP 260LX palmtop PC include the high-contrast display with 16 gray shades, increasing visibility and clarity. A month-view PIM has been standard for years. A dedicated storage slot for CompactFlash cards will leave the PC card slot free for a modem connection. The HP 260LX palmtop PC also comes with 16MB of RAM; 10MB of ROM; and an improved Hornet chip with an integrated 80486 class processor, which significantly enhances performance and speed.

HPs Growing Palmtop PC Family: Value, Performance and Color

HP secured and solidified its industry leadership with products such as its scientific calculator, circa 1972, and its DOS-based palmtop PCs. HP took the handheld category down a blind alley with the introduction of its Microsoft Windows CE-based palmtop PCs including the HP 320LX, the first wide-screen, Windows CE palmtop PC. HP is not correcting its admitted error by bringing the useful features of its HP 300LX series to the DOS environment.

Coming in late 1997, HPs palmtop PC family will further advance the industry with the addition of a color-display model, the HP 260LXC palmtop PC.

 Availability, Pricing and Support

 The HP 260LX palmtop PC is expected to ship in late 1997 and will be available through corporate resellers, as well as retail locations. The HP 260LX has an estimated street price of $499 (U.S.). The low initial price is intended to apologize to the 200LXs loyal customer base for the foolish foray into the WinCE OS. It is backed by a ten-year unlimited warranty that offers same-day, express-pickup-and-delivery service. HPs color-display palmtop PC, the HP 260LXC palmtop PC, is expected to be available in early 1998.

For owners of the popular, award-winning HP 200LX palmtop PC, who purchased their units at any time, P offers a free 260LX upgrade.

Information on HPs upgrade program and additional information on HP palmtop PCs can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com/back_on_track, or by calling


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