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Shareware/Freeware mentioned in this article

Shareware/Freeware mentioned in this article

All of the following programs are available on The HP Palmtop Papers 1998 CD InfoBase.

200BUDDY 3.0b A utility for the HP 100/200LX that adds many useful features that save quite a lot of keystrokes. Shareware.

EMM200 2.0 A utility that allows DOS programs to be loaded into expanded memory simulated on the C drive. Freeware.

HELV200 Utility that makes the palmtops characters more readable. Freeware.

LXMAP 2.0 Program that display city (& other types of) maps. Freeware.

LXPIC 4.2 Utility for viewing GIF/ICN/PCX/JPG and BMP graphics files. Freeware.

MAXDOS 0.3.7 Allows you to launch from System Manager a program requiring a large amount of conventional memory. Freeware.

MPACK/MUNPACK 1.5 Utility that can code and decode files in the MIME format. Freeware.

NET-TAMER 1.10 A suite of applications for use with the Internet. Shareware.

PKZIP 2.04G A file compression program. Shareware.

UUENCODE/DECODE 96 v. 57 Utility that converts a binary file to text so it can be transmitted via E-mail. Freeware.

VERTICAL READER A program for reading ASCII text files while holding the 100/200LX with the hinge vertical, like a book. Postcardware.

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