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Creating rosters in HTML

Creating rosters in HTML

I want to pass along a tip I developed for preparing HTML group rosters using my HP 200LX. I help maintain a number of Web pages, and several of them needed to have a roster listing of members. It bothered me to maintain a separate database of this information, since I already kept these names in my palmtop's PhoneBook application.

After pondering the problem for awhile, I figured out a way to combine the Smart Clip feature and MEMO to create the necessary HTML file. Here's how.

First, you must have the list of names in your PhoneBook (or Database) application. You can define a Subset for the desired group, such as Cub Scout Den or Indian Guide Tribe. I use the Category field in my PhoneBook to assign peoples' entries to such groups, and the Subset definition can key off of this.

Once the desired Subset has been selected, the Smart Clip comes into play. From PhoneBook, press the Clip function key (F5) then the Define key (F2), then prepare the Smart Clip definition that's shown in Screen 4. You may, or course, want to use different field names than the ones I use. To insert fields into the Smart Clip, press the (F2) key.

Screen 4: This Smart Clip converts PhoneBook data into HTML format.

When you finish this, name the Smart Clip something appropriate, like HTML-TABLE. Now back in the main PhoneBook screen, press MENU, Edit, Select All. Then press Clip (F5) and HTML-TABLE (or whatever name you chose.) Now you have the HTML entries in the clipboard. Step one is complete.

The final step is to create a template file in MEMO. This file will be created only once, and used repeatedly each time a new table is prepared (when someone moves or changes phone numbers, for instance). An example of such a template file is as follows:

















Save this file as TEMPLATE.HTM. Now open it up again and save it with whatever final name you want, such as ROSTER. HTM. Then position the cursor where indicated by the "clipboard" line, and insert the clipboard contents using FN-PASTE. Then save one last time.

Voila. Now you have an HTML roster ready to go. It takes more time to explain than to do - it goes very fast in practice. Updates are a breeze. The template file in MEMO can be modified to fit your exact format, and the Smart Clip can be altered to include the desired data for your specific needs. Happy rostering!

Chris Lott

Huntsville, AL


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