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Likes his HP 200LX

Likes his HP 200LX

I'm a subscriber to The HP Palmtop Paper and I am very excited about the possibility of upgrading my palmtop to 32 MG. I've checked out a couple of the Windows CE handheld PCs, and none of them really do what the 200LX does all that much better, and it was my opinion that they had some definite shortcomings.

Some of the earlier models had screens with poor contrast. The new models with the 640-240 screens are very tempting, but I've invested so much into my palmtop (with PC cards and a modem and several years worth of The HP Palmtop Paper, including one of your recent CDs) that I really cant convince myself to switch to a Windows CE model.

Having both doesn't seem to make too much sense, either. I don't really consider myself a power user sometimes I'm even a little embarrassed when I read about what other users are able to use their palmtops for. But none the less, my 200LX has become fairly indispensable in my everyday life. I get a real kick out of pulling it out to jot down a note or change an appointment and having someone comment about it.

With the recent demise of several palmtop vendors and the lack of apparent intention by HP to develop a 200LX-type replacement, it is in the best interest of all palmtop users to see that Thaddeus and other similar vendors stays in business and continue to be on the cutting edge of support and development for palmtops and accessories.

Alas, I'm one of those users that has a SG5 model 200LX upgraded to 5meg and my wife has a SG4, so I'm very anxious to see if those models can be upgraded to 32Meg, or at least to something close.

At this point I feel very positive with my investment, as I see the price of new 200LX staying fairly stable. However, I often wonder if more HPs would not have been sold if they were more price-competitive with the likes of the 3Com Palm Pilot.

Phil Downey

[Editors note: Actually, your wife can upgrade her SG4 200LX and you can upgrade your SG5 meg unit. Only 8 meg users with serial numbers less than SG6 or whose palmtop was originally 1 meg might have a problem. Those users can call us. By the time you read this there may be a solution. Alternatively we can swap your used 8 meg unit for a refurbished 32 meg unit.]

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