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Suggestions for The Paper

I understand that publication costs are high, and that you are the primary advertiser, so the ad revenues aren't great, but I would gladly sacrifice the heavyweight cover and the two-color spot printing, and the oversized format in exchange for a reasonable price and good service. And then there are those 5 pages of Thaddeus Computing advertising as well as 6 pages of separate inserts (also color, and glossy paper).

Maybe I'm not the average user and reader (or maybe I am). I use my 200LX every day, normally for a few hours a day. I have half a dozen (each) note and appointment databases, and 15 or more conventional databases, plus I am using the Pocket Quicken. However, all my files occupy less than half a MB of storage, and the whole mess backs up onto a single floppy with lots of room to spare.

Maybe my expectations are just different from your other readers. Many of the esoteric articles you publish are somewhat interesting, just for curiosity value, but maybe you could sprinkle them throughout the issues, instead of concentrating a whole batch of the same stuff in one issue (example: almost a whole issue on music related applications??). And do we have to have so many articles about the Windows CE systems? If I ever think I want to switch to a CE model, I'll buy an issue of Handheld PC Magazine.

 Katherine Levine

 Huntsville, AL


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