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You Know Youre A Palmtopper When…

You Know You're A Palmtopper When

The following interchange took place recently on CompuServe between two dedicated HP Palmtoppers.

James Hart (70303.1153@compuserve.com) wrote:

You know you're a palmtopper when...

1. The sight of a box of Chiclets reminds you to buy AA batteries.

2. Someone asks if its raining, and you check the _weather.msg.

3. While having lunch with a group of people, you divide up the check with the HP CALC application, then update your Quicken file to show the deduction.

4. Your boss says, I need to send a FAX, and you absentmindedly hand her your HP.

5. You have a twenty minute conversation at a party with someone praising Hewlett-Packard...only to find out they were talking about the HP III LaserJet.

6. Your front door mat has the Windows95 Logo on it.

7. Your seat mate on a long flight complains that his laptop is dead, and you arrogantly offer him two Eveready AAs.

8. You are involved in a roll-over accident in your automobile and as they are cutting you out of the upside down seat, all they can hear you mumble is, MUP.

[Editors note: MUP stands for Most Unusual Place, which refers to an ongoing discussion among HP Palmtoppers about who has used his palmtop in the most unusual place.]

9. You are found staring at a Lotus 1-2-3 for Dummies book mumbling something about, having more than one page.

10. You walk around with a BIG smile on your face.

Robert L Mitchell (72764.3061@compuserve.com) responded with:

You know you're a palmtopper when...

1. You forget that big keyboards do not have sticky shift and Fn keys.

2. You have an AC power adapter by the john.

3. You beg an engineer friend to borrow his Infrared viewer so you can see the data streaming from your IR port.

4. All your computer accessories must fit in your other pockets. If not, you have more pockets made!

5. When you see someone laboring with a complicated and expensive machine, you proclaim, I can do that! Let me get my palmtop!

6. You find joy by interfacing your palmtop with all kinds of modern machines.

7. You have a backup machine, JUST-IN-CASE!

8. You take exotic vacations to distant places just to register and send MUPs.

9. Your palmtop answers your cell phone (or home phone).

10. You carry extra freezer baggies to hold your palmtop, just in case you enter a hostile environment (i.e., the beach, hot tub, etc.).

11. You advertise the palmtop more than HP ever did.

12. Your palmtop internal clock is synchronized with the Cesium atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado to an accuracy of one nine billionth of a second!

13. You live on the fly!

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