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Copy phone numbers into appointment descriptions

Copy phone numbers into appointment descriptions

Many of my appointments and events in ApptBook are reminders to call someone on a particular day. I've found from experience that when the appointment alarm goes off, reminding me to, for instance, "Call Virginia Venable," I have to go into the PhoneBook and look up Virginia's telephone number. If I'm in a hurry at the time I'm scheduled to make the call, the extra time it takes to look up the number can be annoying. Also, if the phone number is a long distance number or a number with an extension, I may even have to jot the number down on a piece of paper so I don't forget it while I'm switching back to ApptBook to refer to some additional information in the appointment, such as some contact information in the Notes field. And if the number is busy when I try to call it, I usually go back into ApptBook and re-set the Start Time to 10 or 15 minutes later, and when that later alarm goes off, I have to again go through the whole process of switching to PhoneBook and getting the number.

To make the process easier, I now add the phone number to the Description field when I enter the appointment into ApptBook. Here's how I do that.

In ApptBook, I press (F2) (Add), type "Call Virginia Venable " into the Description field, then I press the PHONE key. When the PhoneBook application opens, I type "ven" ENTER, which selects and opens the Virginia Venable record, then I TAB down to the Home phone field, then press (FN)+(=), which copies Virginia's home phone into the clipboard. Next I press the APPT key, which returns me to the Appointment Book's Description field for the appointment to call Virginia. Then I press (FN)+(+), which pastes Virginia's telephone number into the space right after her name. Then I fill out the rest of the appointment and press (F10) (OK).

When the appointment comes due, I not only don't have to open PhoneBook to get Virginia's telephone number, I don't even have to open the appointment record. As you can see from Screen 1, the telephone number is easy to see in the data list screen.

Screen 1.

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