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Hiding information at the extreme end of a field

Hiding information at the extreme end of a field

Because the fields in any of the database applications can accommodate more characters than will be displayed on the screen all at once, you can hide, in a field, information that you may not want others to see.

For example, lets say that you're adding a PhoneBook entry for the Acme Glass company. After entering phone numbers into the Business and Fax fields, you realize that sometime in the future you may forget the names of the key people at those numbers. You may try some day to remember whether it is Sue, rather than Sandy, whom you like to talk to at Acmes business office, and whether Bob, instead of Gary, was the person who helped you when you sent faxes to Acme.

You could, of course, just add Sandy's name immediately after the business number, and Gary's name immediately after the fax number. But Sandy's and Gary's names would be visible to anyone who looked at your palmtops open record for Acme Glass. The data list and the DataCard would also display the names.

But lets further suppose that you want to keep your knowledge of Sandy's and Grays usefulness to yourself. Maybe you're a salesman and you don't want competing salespeople at your company to benefit from this secret information.

Or maybe you just don't want the co-workers at your own company, who have been known to sneak a peek at the entries in your palmtop, to know that you're on a first-name basis with the support staff at Acme Glass.

There are other examples of information you might want to hide in a field. In a phone record for a credit card company, you could hide your credit card number. Or for a record for your bank, you could hide your PIN (personal identification number).

Luckily there's a solution to these situations. Here's how to hide Sandy's name in the record. Starting at the data list screen, press (F2) (Add), and when the new record appears, fill in the Name field, then TAB down to the Business field, then type in the business phone number (555-3691). Then press the (SpaceBar) fourteen times. (By pressing the SpaceBar, you're moving the black cursor further to the right in the business field.) Now type in Sandy (see Screen 3). Now TAB down to the Fax field and do the same thing to hide Grays name. Then press (F10) (Done) to return to the data list screen.

Screen 3.

From now on, whenever the Acme record in PhoneBook is highlighted in the data list screen (or when the record is opened, or when the DataCard is displayed on the HP 200LX), the Acme telephone numbers, but not Sandy and Grays names, will be visible. To reveal the hidden names, open the record, TAB to the Business or Fax fields and the cursor will jump to the right side of the fields, revealing Sandy's and Grays names.

You can hide information in this fashion in any of the fields, including the Category and Note fields. The Note field must, however, be treated a little differently.

Lets say that you've entered into the Note field the slogan which Acme Glass has painted on their fleet of trucks. Normally, when you highlight the Acme record in the record list, then press (F3) (Note), the Full Screen Note will open and you'll see the slogan (see Screen 4).

Screen 4.

To hide this text, make sure the cursor is at the top left hand corner of the Note, then press (ENTER) 16 or more times. This will move the line of text containing the slogan from the top of the note to the 17th line. Now press (F10) (OK) to close the Full Screen Note.

Now, whenever anyone opens the Acme record, all they will see is a blank Note. Even if they press (F3) (Note), they wont see the hidden text in the Note. To view the hidden text, you need to press the DownArrow 16 times.

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