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HP CALC Having used HP CALC for almost 7 years, I thought I knew all its built-in tricks. I was working on a problem that needed 15 zeros after the decimal place. After setting the format, by pressing (MENU) Options, Number Format, to Fixed Point 15, and while looking at a display full of zeros, I accidentally pressed (Fn)+(SpaceBar).

This key-combination removes all trailing zeros, and you get a message that says, Full Precision: .

Pressing (ENTER) or (ESC) restores the previous display.

(Fn)+(SpaceBar) works both ways. If the format is Fixed Point 15, it will remove trailing zeros. If the format is Fixed Point 0, it will expand the display, including registers, and the stack, to full precision. If you want to make this permanent, use (MENU) Options, Number Format, All. (That must mean Show ALL digits, except trailing zeros, after the decimal point.)

Ed Keefe


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