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July/August 1992

The HP Palmtop Paper

July/August 1992

Table of Contents



Four Extraordinarily Useful Software Packages -- each under $50

95Buddy and Switch! add a number of useful features to the HP 95LX, and make it easier to run system compliant and DOS programs. Useful Notes adds electronic "post-its" to your Palmtop and Useful Macros greatly expands the 95LX's macro capabilities.

95Buddy *

This small utility adds a number of useful features to the 95LX, allowing you to launch an application from file in FILER, close and save all your built-in applications at once, change your default directories, and much more.


A utility that makes it easier to run system compliant and DOS programs on your 95LX, set up system options, and get system information.

UNO: Database *

This small, fast, freeform database lets you create notes that can be edited, searched, and indexed at any time, whether in DOS or the built-in applications.

UMA: Macros *

This program lets you record and play back key sequences on your 95LX. You can create as many of these "macros" as you need, and assign them to any key combination you like.

SPECIAL: Which Batteries Are The Best?

Mark Scardina compares the life and cost of Alkaline, NiCd, NMH, and Lithium AA batteries, and gives you other information to help you decide which batteries are best for you. Mark also reviews BATTman, a utility that monitors your batteries, no matter what the type.


This doctor uses APPT to schedule, MEMO to edit correspondence and reference patient data, PHONE to keep track of lab text information, Lotus to track patients in Intensive Care, and HP CALC to use 25 common medical equations.


HP Tech Support gives you some tips on backing up your files. We take a look at HP's new 1.3-inch 20MB hard drive -- it's sure to set standards for size, power consumption, and economy, but will we see it in a 95LX any time soon? The new SkyStream Mobile Data Link Receiver is shipping. And you can win a FREE RAM Card by telling HP your story!

Hewlett Packard Develops A Rugged 1.3" Hard Disk Drive

Hewlett-Packard has introduced the world's first 1.3" hard disk drive, a device the size of a small matchbox. The initial version of what HP is calling the "Kittyhawk Personal Storage Module" (PSM) has a formatted capacity of 21.4 MB, equivalent to 14,389 typed pages. HP hopes to begin shipping the Kittyhawk to OEM clients in August (OEMs use HP and other manufacturers parts to make their computers).

HP 95LX SUPPORT: CompuServe

The success of the 95LX and the general popularity of HP handhelds has prompted CompuServe to create a new forum for HP Handheld devices.

Thaddeus Computing News: User To User

Small Companies Produce Exciting New Products!

Looking Glass

Ed automates file backup and restoration using ZIP.COM from the 1992 Subscribers Disk and some clever batch files. He also gives advice on file backup and battery replacement when you get the "LOW CARD BATTERY" message on your HP 95LX.

Savvy User

Tom talks about when not to use the 95LX, describes a clever way to transfer Solver equations to Lotus, and relates his experience with the new lithium batteries.

Programmer's Corner

Ed gives a brief overview of BASIC and then reviews Swift!BASIC, a programming language developed specifically for the 95LX.

Getting Started

DOS Fundamentals -- Directories


New Non-HP Products designed to work with the HP 95LX



iPhone Life magazine

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