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Some User Problems

Some User Problems

  1. 1. I have had to change batteries twice. On each occasion, the 95LX locked-up and I had to reformat the internal RAM drive. I'm not sure if I have done the wrong thing, or whether there is a bug in the low battery warning system.
[You should definitely send your unit in to HP for repair. This problem showed up on some of the early units produced -- Hal.]
  1. 2. I keep nearly all my data, memos, etc., on a RAM card in the A drive and I would like to find a way to set the default directories for all of the built-in applications. 1-2-3 handles this OK. I've tried using an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, but it seems the System Manager overrides it.
[Check out reviews this issue on Switch and 95Buddy. Also, use User Defined Function Key - see FALL MEMO Quick Tip or your manual-- Hal.]
  1. 3. I need a database other than the standard Phone Book. PHONE would be more useful if it was more flexible and let you rename fields and modify the format to suit other purposes.
[Check out UNO review this issue or Pocket Sales Force reviewed last issue -- Hal.]
  1. 4. I use the Only function in PHONE to select a subset of the entire Phone list. However, when I select Print File All, the whole Phone List is printed, not the subset I just selected. Why does this happen and what do I have to do to print the subset?
[After using Only, tag those entries. Then do a File Xtract and send those entries to a new file. Retrieve the new file to do what you wish with that subset -- Hal.]
  1. 5. How about developing a Tag that steps down automatically?
[I agree. Maybe Jeffrey Mattox, the 95Buddy author, is listening -- Hal.]
  1. 6. Graphs displayed in 1-2-3 suffer from the small size of the screen that limits the Y-axis length and causes the scale labels to overwrite each other. I have found no way around this except to use manual scaling and select a range that makes the labels far enough apart to read (which probably doesn't suit the real data range). Is there a way around this problem, which I guess disappears on a full size screen?
[Don't think so, but maybe a reader can help -- Hal.]

 John Garrett

 Ipswich, ENGLAND

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