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Do Security Devices Damage the HP 95LX?

Do Security Devices Damage the HP 95LX?

Thank you for your excellent publication! I have a few questions for you.

First, is anyone planning on starting an HP 95LX forum on America Online? I don't have the patience necessary to find my way around CompuServe, whereas AOL is very easy to get into, move around find what you are looking for.

Next, in APPT's To Do list, is there an easy way to put the items within a given priority level in a specific order? I usually have five to ten items at each priority level and would like to arrange them better. The only way I have found to do that is to decide what order I want them, and then cut and paste each one in that order. This is rather clumsy.

I have heard rumors that security devices used in airports, stores, etc., may damage electronic devices such as the 95LX.

Is this the case? Does it make any difference whether the applications are suspended or completely turned off? What is a safe distance I should keep my HP (and diskettes) from these devices?

When leaving our local library, I hold my HP up in the air - while I walk through the detector. Is that adequate? Is any of this necessary?

As more people start carrying palmtops, I wonder if it would be appropriate or necessary to ask store managers to make the detectors more obvious or to put up signs to warn people about potential damage.

Earl Morton

Colorado Springs, USA

[I know nothing about America Online. CompuServe becomes easier if you use an automated program like MESSAGE for the HP 95LX reviewed last issue or any of the PC programs mentioned on page 28 of the Mar/Apr issue, although it still takes some patience. I don't have any APPT suggestions except to use User Defined Function Keys to speed up Cut and Paste operations. See example 6, page 12.

For years I have heard discussions about the potential of security devices harming data on RAM drives such as on the HP 95LX.

There have been all sorts of opinions. However, in all these years, I have never heard of anyone losing their data. We'll see what response this comment evokes. (Despite this knowledge, I always hand my HP 95LX to the airport security guard - why take chances?) -- Hal.]

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