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Some Questions

Some Questions

  1. 1. Why is it not advisable to use rechargeable batteries? The maximum battery life for me is two weeks (not two months as in the user's guide) and using an adapter is limiting the portability in some cases.
[The only reason is that the battery low mechanism is designed for alkalines. Also, be careful that you insert the batteries in the correct direction. See battery article this issue -- Hal.]
  1. 2. Is it possible to create a user definable format for PHONE menu? I tried to use my PHONE file as a data file for a BASIC program but, the result was annoying. If I can define fields or variables into my PHONE file, I may get nice outputs with the names on the first line, addresses on the second line, postal code and country on the next lines. Any of your readers succeed with this?
[A shareware program called PRT95 * by Todd Cary does a nice job printing the PHONE book out in a variety of formats -- Hal.]
  1. 3. Is it possible to add some functions, such as line delete, to MEMO?
[Use User Defined Function Keys (see reference in User's Guide) or the UMA program reviewed in this issue to extend MEMO's capabilities -- Hal.]
  1. 4. When I run PC version of Lotus, date or file name information is seen on bottom left of the screen. However, this is not the case with the 95LX version. Can I make use of this ability on the 95LX?
[Don't think that is possible. One of the sacrifices of a smaller screen -- Hal.]

 Ahmet G. Oezisik

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