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95Buddy *


This small utility adds a number of useful features to the 95LX, allowing you to launch an application from file in FILER, close and save all your built-in applications at once, change your default directories, and much more.

By Marty Mankins

From the first day I used it, I knew the 95LX was something that would change the way I worked, lived and thought. It had many features that made it perfect for keeping my life in order, and its size let me take it wherever I went. It appeared to be a perfect relationship.

Well, there were a few things I wanted to change. I wanted to delete the .WK1 Lotus files from the root directory. I also wanted to be able to choose the default directory for my MEMO files. It looked like the only thing I could do was to put in an enhancement request to HP and wait for HP & Lotus to update the ROM software.

That was before I discovered 95Buddy, a new program that corrects many of the 95LX problems without having to wait for a ROM update.

95Buddy Installs Easily

95Buddy is a small (approx. 7K) device driver that links itself to all of the built-in programs and adds a number of much needed features that make using the 95LX easier than we imagined. Installation is easy. Simply copy 95BUDDY.SYS (the main Buddy file) to your C:\ drive and add the following line to your CONFIG.SYS file:


Save the CONFIG.SYS file, reboot by pressing (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL), and 95-Buddy is installed. (If you don't have a CONFIG.SYS file, you'll have to create a two-line file.)

Tour of 95Buddy


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