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CHALLENGE 1 -- Running System Manager Compliant Programs.

CHALLENGE 1 -- Running System Manager Compliant Programs.

A programmer can create custom "System Manager" compliant programs that work in concert with the built-in applications. Just like the built-in programs, these custom "System Manager" programs are run by pressing a "hot-key", and can switch back and forth with the built-in programs.

Several of these programs are available on CompuServe's new HP Handhelds forum, library 7. (Type go hphand). Two examples are:

  • WEEKABK.EXM *, gives a weekly view of the appointments which have been entered into the built-in APPT program.
  • KLONDIKE.EXM *, a game of solitaire similar to the one provided with Windows.

* On The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK KLONDIKE.EXM on the Mar/Apr 92 issue.

On The HP Palmtop Paper SUBSCRIBERS DISK WEEKABK.EXM on the 1992 issue.

The challenge with using "System Manager" programs is in proper setup. Before the program can be run, an undocumented file called APNAME.LST must be created and edited by the user. The entries required for this file are rather cryptic, and, if not entered properly, can cause the HP 95LX to freeze and even lose data.

Additionally, System Manager limits you to assigning 8 System Manager programs to hot-keys at any one time. If you have more than 8 System Manager programs on your HP 95LX at one time, you must shuffle them around in your APNAME.LST file before you can use them.

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