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More About SWITCH!

More About SWITCH!

SWITCH! is distributed on a floppy disk, and you will need access to a desktop or laptop PC to install the program on your HP 95LX. You will also need a cable to connect your PC to the HP 95LX. The cable that comes with the HP Connectivity Pack is the one most people will have. The installation program provided with SWITCH! makes it easy to get going, with simple on-screen instructions.

SWITCH! requires that you have a RAM card installed on your HP 95LX.

SWITCH! is the first major program written in Swift!Basic, a version of the Basic programming language designed specifically for the HP 95LX. Programs written in Swift!Basic require the presence of the Swift!Basic run-time module, which takes up 40k of disk space. The SWITCH! program itself takes up about 23k for a total of 63k. This may seem like a lot of space for a utility program, but it must be kept in perspective. I have been able to replace several other menu and utility programs from my 95 and replace them with one program. I deal with one interface, and gain valuable capabilities that I didn't have before. The only other downside is that SWITCH! takes a few seconds to load and a few seconds to find and list all DOS programs.

Overall, SWITCH! garners high marks in installation, ease of use and features.

SWITCH! was authored by Palmtop Paper Editor Mark Scardina, who has created several other important and popular utilities for the HP 95LX.

SWITCH! comes with installation programs for Drive95 and non-PC compatible computers. It also supports G and H drives for DOS menus.

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