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UNO: Database *

UNO: Database *

This small, fast, freeform database lets you create notes that can be edited, searched, and indexed at any time, whether in DOS or the built-in applications.

By Mark Scardina

While the 95LX comes with a suite of applications, one that is certainly missing is a database for quick information gathering and note-taking. MEMO, of course can be used at a minimum cost of 512 bytes per file, but doing so does not give you cross file searching capability. Some have used the PHONE application for a structured database, but there are obvious limitations in field size and selection. (For more on using PHONE as a database, see May/June 92, page 36.)

This brings us to Useful Notes (UNO), a flexible database customized for the 95LX.

Description of UNO

Example: Using UNO as a phone message pad.

Other Examples

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