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Description of UNO

Description of UNO

UNO is a small, fast, freeform database similar in presentation to InfoSelect by MicroLogic. Using UNO is like having a blank pad of "post-it" notes. The number of notes you can create is limited to 64K. Each time you want to make a note about something, you grab the top sheet and jot down the information.

Unlike paper post-its, UNO lets you easily edit, index, and search through the notes. This gives you better access to the random pieces of information on your notes.

 UNO is provided in three forms:

  • UNO95 -- the stand-alone version that can be launched from FILER or from the DOS prompt, with all the other applications closed.
  • UNORES95 -- the TSR (terminate stay resident) version that can be launched by the AUTOEXEC.BAT file prior to the built-in applications. This version of UNO is always running in the background and can be popped up on top of the other applications as well as any DOS application.
  • UNORUN95 -- this version is designed to launch itself and a companion program as a child. (I find UNORUN95 of little use on the 95LX.)



The version I find most useful is UNORES95. I include its start-up command in my AUTOEXEC.BAT, file prior to launching System Manager. This allows instant access of UNO by pressing (CTRL)-(ALT)-N, during PHONE, Lotus, or any built-in application, or any DOS application.

 UNO employs pop-up menus to maximize screen usability. Most menu commands use mnemonic letters to access them (i.e. press C for Copy, Q for Quit, etc.). If you forget them, press (F1) to bring up a list of menu commands.

Multiple notes can be displayed at one time, with the note you're working in indicated as white text on a black background. While a single note can hold any amount of text, the window it is displayed in can be re-sized from a small box to the full 95LX screen.

The text wraps within the box, like most word processors, to keep all of the text visible. All notes are time and date stamped automatically. Text can be imported and exported in ASCII format easily. Notes can be formatted and cross-referenced to allow for an intelligent grouping of data.

Notes Windows Can Vary In Size: Graphic

 The "other side" of a note consists of an automatic date stamp and its description, which you can enter by pressing (F7). The other side of the note is not visible.

Date Stamp and Description: Graphic

 You can search notes for text patterns within them, or by description across your entire database.

Notes are time and date stamped automatically and can be ordered by date. Unfortunately, you cannot search by stamped date. However, by pressing (F7), the description window pops up and you can enter the date there. Descriptions can be searched for as text.

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