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Other Examples

(Based on a CompuServe note from Fred Kaufman.)

Uno is great for grabbing quick notes of any kind and retrieving them as needed with a simple search routine not available under MEMO and available in a more limited form in PHONE. For example, you can keep track of:

  • ideas from a meeting for playback at a later time
  • product comparison, description, and pricing information for bicycle helmets, for when you go shopping
  • battery replacement information
  • the symphony schedule
  • a great recipe for Lokchen Kogel found in the Tucson newspaper
  • your new car's gas mileage
  • great quotes from the Duke of Wellington: "A strategic withdrawal is often the first step toward a forward thrust of renewed vigor."
In other words, a myriad of unrelated tidbits.

Publisher of The HP Palmtop Paper, Hal Goldstein, uses UNO to keep track of what he asks the different members of his staff to do. The possibilities are really endless.

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