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More Features

UNO also lets you import a file directly into a note. For example, if you have multiple Phone Books, you can print one to a file from within PHONE by pressing (MENU) Print File. Then you can import that file into an UNO note. This allows pop-up access to as many Phone Books as will fit into memory.

Finally, when in DOS you can `execute' a DOS command from within UNO by inserting the DOS command line as the note's description. Whenever you want to run that command, you simply make that note active and press (ENTER). UNO will shell to DOS and execute the command.

The ability to have instant access to UNO does not come without a price. I have to devote 98K of System Memory to it when using it as a TSR. Those who do not require pop-up capability can run the stand-alone version, UNO95, from FILER or DOS and only use the memory when they load it. The programs themselves can be DIETed down to around 30K.

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