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Potential Applications

Potential Applications

Its compact dimensions allow the device to be used as a modular, removable data-storage medium for wide range of applications including subnotebook and palmtop computers, font cartridges for printers, medical patient-monitoring systems, scientific instruments, cellular telephones and replacement memory for high-cost, solid-state circuitry in video game cards.

The HP Kittyhawk PSM also may be used as a smart storage card that carries operating systems as well as application software for use in new stand-alone public-computer systems designed into the backs of airline passenger seats, hotel rooms and "computer booth" kiosks. For example, a user could simply take a loaded HP Kittyhawk PSM on a plane and activate their seat-back computer using the software programs brought on board.

An HP Kittyhawk PSM also can be integrated into a range of other portable, scientific, data-gathering instruments, where large amounts of data can be collected daily and analyzed in the field immediately or brought back to a central system for analysis.

Subnotebook computers will reach even lighter weights and retain the power and functionality found in notebook and laptop computers. The size of the HP Kittyhawk PSM allows for multiple modules to be embedded within a notebook in an array fashion or as a multiple-module card that appears as a single storage device to the system.

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