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New Forum Sections for the HP 95LX

New Forum Sections for the HP 95LX

CompuServe still has a general 95LX section and a separate section for programmers, but now its added three other sections.

The first is for new users. CompuServe members new to he 95LX were getting overwhelmed by the number and complexity of messages posted in the old section. When you're new and trying to figure out how to set up a repeating appointment, all those messages about modifying APNAME.LST and creating loaders can be daunting! The new user's section is set aside for those who are just getting their feet wet. The accompanying library will have only those files that forum members think will help new users get up to speed quickly and easily.

The second new section focuses on data communications issues. Based on current forum traffic, DataComm is a hot topic: FAX modems, cellular modems, the Motorola NewsStream pager, GE Mobidem, and packet radio are all being used with the 95LX. This section will support the 95LX's use with these devices, as well as more basic modem and PC-to-95LX communications.

The third new section is for 3rd party products. Any company that sells products for HP handhelds and wants to use CompuServe to provide technical support will be able to use this section (and library) for that purpose. Users should benefit from this "one-stop shopping" approach to product support.

The complete list of sections is given below. CompuServe veterans will recognize that we have a number of unused sections. Rather than start out with all sections used, only to have to reorganize after a few months, I'm holding some sections back so we can more easily adapt to the changing needs of forum members. Note too that the forum includes support for the HP calculators and other handheld computers.

Below is a list of sections in the HP Handhelds Forum

 1. General

2. Business calculators

3. Scientific calculators

4. Advanced Handhelds (HP-41, 42, 48, 71, 75, and 94 calculators)

 5. 95LX New Users

6. 95LX DataComm

7. 95LX Users

8. 95LX Programmers

9. Third-party products for HP handhelds.

 If you are already a CompuServe member, stop by and check out our new home. There may be a few unpacked boxes left sitting in the corners, but by the time you read this, we should at least have all the furniture in place.

 If you aren't a CompuServe member, there's no time like the present to join! Subscribers to The HP Palmtop Paper can get a free introductory subscription just by calling 800-848-8199 or 614-457-0802 and asking for operator 231. That will get you an account and $15 of free access time. (See page 15 of the May/June 92 issue for a more complete listing of CompuServe international numbers.)

New, Tiny Hard Disk Drive From Hewlett Packard

 In other news, I have actually held the "Kittyhawk Personal Storage Module" -- that's the official name for HP's new 1.3" hard disk drive. I'll freely admit that this is one product that is just plain exciting. It is going to show up in places that will surprise us all. The product manager for Kittyhawk will be on-line on July 8 and 9 to answer questions from forum members. While it's too late for readers to participate, be sure to look for the transcript of all the messages! The initial thread will be KHAWK.THD in the Mass Storage library (2) of the HP Peripherals Forum (GO HPPER). [See page 20, this issue, for more on Kittyhawk -- Editor.]

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