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Automating Backups

Automating Backups

To automate the backup process, you'll need to spend some time keying in two or three batch files described in this article. (The batch files are available on the July/August issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK.) You may have to spend some additional time fine-tuning these batch files for your machine. Give yourself about an hour to get up and running.

First create two new directories on a blank, formatted floppy disk in your desktop PC, create one or two new directories. I'll use the B drive designator B: in these instructions to indicate the floppy drive. You may change this to A: if you wish.

  1. 1. Insert the floppy disk and switch to the B drive. Use the DOS command MD C to create the "\C" subdirectory on your floppy disk. This will hold the files from the 95LX's C drive.
  2. 2. (Optional, use only if you have a RAM card on the 95LX.) Key in the DOS command MD A.
  3. 3. Change to the C subdirectory (type CD \C and press (ENTER)) and then make a subdirectory called _DAT (key in MD _DAT and then press (ENTER)).
If you have any other subdirectories on your 95LX, create duplicate directories on your backup disk.

(Note that you don't have to create a subdirectory for the files in the hidden C:\_SYS directory since they are permanent ROM files.)

If you have created the optional \A directory, change to that directory on the floppy disk (type CD \A and press (ENTER) ). Create matching directories for any subdirectories on the RAM card of your 95LX.

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