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For the Interminably Curious

For the Interminably Curious

Just in case you're curious, here's a brief explanation of what the BKUPx.BAT batch files do.

Line 6, in each of the BKUPx.BAT files, backs up the 95LX's C or A disk root directory. The /FT (Fetch Timed) option ensures that only those files with a later date than similar files on the backup disk, will be transferred.

The second time ZIP is called, in line 11 of the batch files, it gets the name of a directory from BKUP95.BAT and transfers the files in that directory. It then "shifts" to the next directory in BKUP95.BAT and repeats the process until there are no more directories.

The "FOR %%E in ( ) DO" statements are designed to pick up any error codes from the ZIP program and to display an error message on the screen of the desktop.

The final time that ZIP is called, it /Unlinks the ZIP program on the 95LX. This kicks the ZIP program out of server mode.

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