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Suppose you walked into a store that advertised that all items could be sold for 20% off its sticker price. Rather than trying to compute the new price in your head, pull out your trusty 95LX and go into HP CALC. Now press (MENU) Bus% (Business Percentages) and use the up arrow key to move the cursor to "Percent of total...", the last line on the screen. Type in 100 - 20 and press (ENTER). "Percent of total...." will now = 80%. You want to find 80% of the marked price to determine the sale price. Move the cursor two lines up to "Total amount....." Type in the total, say 97 dollars, and press (ENTER). Now simply press (F8) (PART) and you'll see that the part of the total (the actual sale price) is 77.60.

Try another item. Say the original price is $52.95. Type 52.95 in at the Total amount line and again press (F8). You'll see the new total: 42.36. If you don't have two decimal points showing, press (MENU) Options Format Fix 2.

Figuring a discount in HP Calc

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