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CUTTING AND PASTING Cutting and pasting in MEMO

Copying or cutting text in MEMO is easy. Simply move your cursor to the point right before the beginning of the text you wish to cut or copy and press (F9) to Mark the beginning. Now move the cursor down to the point right after the end of the text you wish to cut or copy. When you have found that spot, press (F2) to COPY or (F3) to CUT the block of text.

 The text that you just cut or copied remains in the 95LX's memory (in an area called a "buffer") until you replace it with other cut or copied material, or until you reboot the 95LX (press (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL). To retrieve that buffer of text, simply move the cursor to where you want to put that information contained in the buffer and press (F4) to (PASTE) it back into the document.

 As long as you do not quit MEMO, or cut or copy again, that same text remains in the buffer. That means you can press (F4) to PASTE the contents of the buffer into the current file, into another MEMO file, or in a new MEMO file. You can paste the contents of the buffer as many times as you wish by pressing (F4) again and again.

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