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The 95LX is weaker at converting technical units than the HP 48SX Calculator. However, you can improve the situation by using HP CALC's Currency Conversion function. Insert your favorite non-currency conversion factors into the currency conversion menu of HPCALC. From HP CALC press (MENU) Conv Currency. Then press (F2) to Edit the list and (F10) for More. You can add up to 5 more conversion factors to the list. If you still want to add more conversion factors, you can replace some of the existing ones that you don't use (e.g. Peseta, Yen, etc.).

[Editor's Example: I like to be able to convert the number of words in a submitted article to the number of formatted pages the article will take up in The HP Palmtop Paper. This lets me keep a running count of how much material we have for each issue. The normal 3-column layout for the majority of the newsletter has an average of 850 words per page. The 4-column layout for the Letters and Quick Tips sections have an average of 1,170 words per page. I have added the following three conversions to my Currency Conversion screen:

PagesRATE = 1.00

3-ColumnRATE = 850.00

4-ColumnRATE = 1170.00

When I get an article, I use my word processor to do a word count, and enter the number of words in the 3- or 4-column items to see how many pages I have.

Some meaningless conversions take place with this arrangement. 850 words equals one page, but according to the conversion table it also equals $2.45 (US) -- Rich.]

Hermann Schmitt

Winnweiler, GERMANY

iPhone Life magazine

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