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Battery Comparisons

Battery Comparisons

I have been trying out the new Duracell batteries designed for high drain devices. I also did two sets of Lithium batteries and one set of standard alkalines. I used each set until the palmtop's low battery warning went off.

Some impressions. The standard alkalines lasted about 18 hours. Both sets of new Duracells lasted about 28 hours. The Lithiums lasted about 38 hours. I was not able to run either of my PCMCIA modems with the regular alkalines. The palmtop showed a low-battery warning right when I plugged in the modem. The new Duracells were able to provide the high current required for online runs fairly well. The new Duracells did better than the regular alkalines, but still had some voltage drops. I was able to run the modem closer to the "end of life" of the Lithiums than with the new Duracells.

Overall, I found the new Duracells nearly as good as Lithiums for powering my palmtop with intermittent PCMCIA modem use. The regular alkalines lasted about half as long as the Lithiums, but didn't have to run the modem (since they couldn't anyway). The new Duracells lasted about 75% as long as the Lithiums and were able to run the modem.

Steve Carder 73561,1006

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