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Another Way to Back Up Your Palmtop

Another Way to Back Up Your Palmtop

A solution to backing up your C:\drive is to keep an exact replica of it in its current state on a flashcard or your desktop computer. SYNCDR16 facilitates this procedure by allowing you to synchronize a directory or directory tree with another one. If you like (?Delete "If you like?) add (?To insure that this happens?) you can set it up to run automatically each day, every 3 days, once a week, etc. from the Appointment program. It works the same as conventional backup/archive programs by copying and adding new or changed files and/or directories from source to destination. But SYNCDR16 is different than the other programs because it can delete files and directories in the destination that have been deleted in the source, thus maintaining an identical copy of your current system.

The same thing could be accomplished by deleting your previous backup and then creating a fresh one of the entire drive. However, with a large drive this could take a long time. Also for a person with an 8MB or 32MB C:\ drive SYNCDR16 can provide a significant advantage over the traditional backup programs. Usually after the initial full backup, if a file changes or a new one is created then other programs make an incremental backup of the drive. This adds the new or changed files to a new backup file and takes up even more space on the destination drive. SYNCDR16 eliminates this problem by updating and deleting files in the destination drive, so that you never use more space on the drive than the size of your source drive.

SYNCDR16 does not compress its backup which allows easy access to the files, if necessary. Of course, you could use a disk compression program like Stacker on the destination drive to make the maximum use of the space. Another advantage of not compressing the backup is the speed of operation. Compressing an 8MB or especially a 32MB drive could take a long time and could waste precious battery life. SYNCDR16 has other features like creating a log of all the changes it makes. And perhaps the biggest advantage to SYNCDR16 is that it is completely free, thanks to its author Kyle York.

-Allen Solof allensolof@boone.net

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