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More Logic Files

More Logic Files

In this month's The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK, you'll find more files that will help you review and practice your logic skills.

1. LOGIC is a collection of text files and a database file that are the fruits of having survived a college course in Logic. If you ever decide to take a course in Logic, we hope the instructor won't mind if you bring along your Palmtop.

2. TTM contains a program called TRUTH.EXE and a companion documentation file. It performs basically the same function as the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program with regard to truth table analysis. It's the work of Michael P. Kelly and is copyrighted 1989. Its coding is different but you might like it as a stand-alone program.

3. LOGICP contains the LOGIC.EXE program which is actually an almost complete course in categorical and syllogistic logic. It's not merely a "read-only" program. You can interact with the program at spots to test out your growing skills in this style of Logic. You'll also wear out the [ON] / and [ON] * buttons trying to view a color-enhanced program in black and white.

CAUTION: Do not use the MONO8025.COM file in the Palmtop's D:\BIN directory along with the LOGIC.EXE file. Using the two programs together may cause your Palmtop to lock up and require you to press [CTRL][Shift][ON] and answer to recover. Figure 2: Columns A through D constitute a table of all the possible truth values for four statements. By entering formulas (in columns E through K) that represent the premises In the argument presented in this article, you can determine the argument's validity. In this case, column J contains a formula representing the conclusion of the argument. Because this formula returns all ones, which Indicate truth, you know that the whole argument is valid.

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