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WorldTime The Palmtop's built-in World Time application is actually a database file and shares many of the properties of other database applications such as NoteTaker, Phone and the general Database. This means that you can perform the following operations:

change the sort order

create subsets

change the columns

With these operations you should be able to answer the following questions:

Which city is the northernmost: London, UK, or London, Ontario?

To find the answer, press [MENU] View Sort and set the first sort field to City and make sure the Ascending checkbox is empty. Set the second sort field to Latitude and press tab to get to the Ascending checkbox and press the spacebar to put a check mark in the box. Press Enter and do a speed-search for London by pressing the letters L O D. Open the record for London, ON by pressing the Enter key and see that the Latitude is 42.67. Then press [F7](Next) to see that the latitude of London, UK is 51.33.

How do you avoid having Aarhus, Denmark as the topmost city?

If you set the first sort field to City and make sure the Ascending checkbox does not contain a checkmark, you'll get Zurich, Switzerland as the topmost city in the list. Of course if that's not satisfactory you can sort all the cities by any of the fields in a record. Finally you can keep a custom list of cities in view and press the [F9] function key to toggle from a Custom to All lists.

If you want to know where in the world the clock is the "least" just sort the World Time database by Hours with a check in the Ascending box. You'll find that the answer is Kwajalein Island.

If you want to use speed search on international Access codes or city prefixes, just use the [MENU] View Arrange Columns... and then press the [F4](Edit) key and choose the item you want for the first column. Press [F10](Done) when you've finished modifying the appearance of the World Time database.

-Jesper Siig 100660,3503

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