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Downloading and Installing Agenda for the HP Palmtop
Downloading and Installing Agenda for the HP Palmtop

These instructions will help get you over the hurdle of acquiring and installing your own copy of Agenda. You'll need an Internet connection and a PC with a hard disk and 5 floppy disks. You'll also need a way to copy the files from the PC to the HP Palmtop.


1. Download two files: AG_DISK.ZIP and AG_UPB.ZIP from the Lotus FTP site: www2.support.lotus.com/ ftp/pub/desktop/Agenda/dos/2.0/misc/. These files contain "images" of Agenda's installation disks.

2. Download the DSKIMG.ZIP file from: www2.support.lotus.com/ftp/pub/utils/pubutils/dos/

3. Unzip the files AG_DISK.ZIP and DSKIMG.ZIP into a directory C:\TEMP on your desktop PC.

4. Format five(5) 3.5", 720K disks. (If needed, you can format a 1.44MB diskette to 720K with the command Format A: /F:720 Label the disks AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, and AG2b.

5. Insert the AG1 diskette in drive A: and, at the DOS prompt, type CD \temp to get to the \TEMP directory. Type

DSKIMG -p disk1.img -w

and press Enter.

See: "Writing 3.5" 720KB diskette." "WARNING! The diskette in drive A: will be overwritten! Press ENTER to continue. Any other key aborts."

Press Enter.

6. Repeat the above operation for disks AG2, AG3, and AG4, making sure to change the line to disk2.img, etc.

7. Unzip the file AG_UPB.ZIP into C:\TEMP overwriting the DISK1.IMG and Info files.

8. Insert AG2b diskette in A: and type

DSKIMG -p disk1.img -w

and press Enter.


9. Insert disk AG1 in drive A: and, at the DOS prompt, type A: and press Enter. Type INSTALL and press Enter. When asked, type in your name and the name of your company. Then pick the C drive and the \AGENDA directory. Pick the CGA screen. For printing, select GENERIC, DeskJet, LaserJet and IBM Proprinter. Select DeskJet as the Primary Printer. (Of course you may choose other printer(s) to match your setup.)

Follow the directions on the screen that call for the other disks.

10 Eventually you will exit the installation routine. At this point you have installed Agenda 2A.

11. Insert the AG2b disk in drive A: and type A: and press Enter. Type INSTALL C:\AGENDA and press Enter.


12. When the upgrade install ends, type AGENDA, at the DOS prompt and press Enter. Press any key to get beyond the opening screen and press Enter to accept the default PLANNER.AG file.

Press F10 Utilities Customize Colors from the Menu. Hit the space bar until you see "Mono" in the display.

Press F10 Quit to exit Agenda.


13. The essential files to copy to the C:\AGENDA directory on the Palmtop are: A.EXE, AGENDA.RI, AGENDA.ENV.

The optional files are AGENDA.EXE, AGENDA.HLP and all the other printer and font files.

The data files to copy are those in the C:\AGENDA\APPS directory. Copy these to C:\AGENDA\APPS on the Palmtop.

14. If you wish to follow along with this article copy the TASKMGT.AG file that is available in TASKMGT.ZIP on this issue's The HP Palmtop Paper On DISK or in LIB 11 of HPHAND on CompuServe, to C:\AGENDA\APPS on the Palmtop.


15. If you wish to accept our version of the installation you can download a file called AG-INST.ZIP from www.PalmtopPaper.com and the 1999 CD InfoBase. It contains a completely installed set of Agenda files for the HP Palmtop. The registration name will be "Courtesy of" and the company name will be "Thaddeus Computing, Inc."

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